Were you like me yesterday? Ignoring any spoken word in your direction because it was Masters Sunday? I have never felt so good completely ignoring my entire family surrounding me (plus I had a father-in-law on the couch beside me doing the exact same thing). So I guess I should not say that I ignored everyone because we were talking about who we thought would win all day.

My ultimate prediction when the leaders were on about the 5-6 hole…â€If someone is around 6 under by the time they get to Amen corner, I am not counting them out…†That took into account the fact that Louis Oosthuizen was going to make every single par putt within 15 feet. Side note on that, this guy really impressed me, you take out the double eagle on two which even got me on my feet (although rooting for any American to win it) and he really did not play all that great, he just made every pressure packed putt he looked at. Putting is the hardest thing in golf to be in control of. Just ask Bubba when he lined up a 6 incher to win…he had to gather himself just for a tap in. Oosthuizen could have very easily finished with a lackluster top 10-15 if you took out either his double eagle or just the putts he made from everywhere.

That is enough of Oosthuizen, although I am going to start following him a little closer. Sunday was about Bubba. It is amazing to see someone that has zero training, zero coach; zero worries come out and win what I consider the biggest tournament in golf. When he made the putt on 16, I had a feeling it was going to be his (although I will admit that when he hit it in the trees on 10 in the playoff, I cursed in front of my children…again). It gives me a reason to get golfing again. I am pretty unorthodox and have had many people try and change my swing, only to ultimately get in a comfort zone of forward pressing and keeping my hands in front to hit a fade from a snap hook setup. I did pretty well with this though, and actually got down to a 1.4 handicap. Not bad for someone who gets pointers on the first hole from people I have never seen or played with before…(Why do I always make these stories about myself, I am just a sports writer and that is only because I just called myself a sports writer…)

Back to Bubba. I have loved following this guy for a few years now but I always was fearful of ever putting his name with the elite just because he can hit a great shot with a follow through that puts surrounding patrons in danger. If you go by follow-through alone, he hit about 68 bad shots on Sunday…and still put on a Green Jacket! I am no longer a doubter. He went into a playoff at the PGA two years and is now a Masters Champion. I can name a couple golfers who would love to have that track record. A couple golfers who spend a lot of money on swing coaches…

Bubba, you are an inspiration! Knowing what truly matters in this world, being great at something and not allowing people to mess up that greatness, not being afraid to cry…and for winning the biggest golf tournament in the world. Congratulations to the first of many MAJOR moments you have in front of you!

Oh and my thought on being 6 under getting into Amen corner…I will say I was right…